McGraw Center Study Tips THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW


  1. Go to class
  2. Go to the right class
  3. Remember that large lectures can’t be missed but nobody will notice if you skip precept
  4. Make the kid with the glasses be your lab partner
  5. Find your “Hermione”
  6. Find a nice place to study, like Dillon Gym during a Zumba class
  7. Start a study group by going up to the first five people you see in the library, putting a hand on their shoulder, and saying “I choose you.”
  8. Make your room a sacred space devoted to hosting pregames
  9. Use Twitter as an excellent resource to help you find ideas to start writing papers
  10. Maximize distraction, minimize focus
  11. Only take one piece of fruit out of the dining hall
  12. Use your desk to store the food you’re hoarding from Late Meal
  13. Respond ‘yes’ to every email
  14. Colorcode events in a weekly planner
  15. Colorcode your notes
  16. Colorcode yourself
  17. Colorcode your friends based on their importance in your social circle
  18. Be brutally idealistic about what you can commit to
  19. Block out chunks of time
  20. Black out for chunks of time
  21. Do first things first
  22. Do second things third
  23. Put everything first
  24. Carry all your books with you at all times. You’ll learn through osmosis
  25. Forget what’s important to you
  26. Remember what’s important to Eisgruber
  27. Develop a set of tools then build a birdhouse with them
  28. Remember that grades are the only thing that matter


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