Lingua Princetonia

Princeton students have developed a unique vocabulary that may seem daunting to the yet-unversed freshman class. To help out the newest Princetonians, Tiger has accumulated a useful list of the most common abbreviations, acronyms, colloquialisms, and expressions heard around campus. Welcome Class of 2018!

Arch Sing (n.): A popular event where Princeton’s various a cappella groups sing songs beneath Blair Arch or 1879 Arch. Hence the name “arch” sing.

“I really enjoyed this week’s arch sing!”

“Did you watch R20 perform?”

“Yes. A cappella is soooo cool!”

BAC (n.): A student outreach group dedicated to helping dyslexic children learn the alphabet.

Cane Spree (n.): An event held on the night of Winter Solstice during which the President of the University tosses raw sugar cane to the student body from a turbocharged golf cart. The students use the sugar to bake for themselves during the month of January, when the school’s dining staff takes its annual vacation. (See “The 31-Day Famine”)

Communiversity (n.) : Also known as the fiesta de quince años, Communiversity is the Latin American celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday. It is a symbolic representation of the girl’s transition into the maturity of womanhood.

“Bienvenido a su Communiversity, Isabella! Now… you are a woman!”

Dean’s Date (n.): A day on which students are absolved from attending classes and handing in written work. Dean’s Date is held on a different day every year, announced as a surprise by the Dean of Students in the form of a letter sent to Frist mailboxes, so be sure to check every day!

 Dinky (n.): A colloquial euphemism for “oral sex.”

“I love riding the Dinky!”

“Me too!”

“Becky rides the Dinky almost every day!”

Hoagie Haven (n.): A famous oasis in the Sahara desert discovered in 1970 by Princeton alumnus Hoagie Williams ’74 during his Outdoor Action trip.

Hosed (adj.): To be selected for “Hosing,” a tradition started in 1907 in which a freshman is selected at random to be blasted with a power hose during halftime of home football games. Legend holds that great fortune is granted to those who rub the bellies of the “Hosèd-ones.”

Junior slums (n.): A group of buildings on the bad side of town owned by alleged Mafioso Vinnie “Junior” Armento, from whom the name is derived.

Late meal (n.): The last meal given to death row inmates at Princeton State Penitentiary.

McCoshed (adj.): To be pranked by infamous Princeton jokester Daniel McCosh ’15, host of McCoshed!, a hidden-camera TV program on Princeton Public Television.

P/D/F (abbrev.): An acronym for the phrase “Please Dance For us;” a common cheer at most diSiac and BodyHype shows.

“Hey DiSiacstronauts! Who’s ready to f—ing dance?!”

“P/D/F! P/D/F! Whooo!!!”

Pequod (n.): The sound a bird makes.

“PEQUOD!” cried the baby cockatiel. He wondered where his mother was.

PMC (n.): Princeton Marsupial Center, a popular location for students to blow off steam by playing with their favorite Australian mammals.

P-Rade (n.): The Official Beverage of the Big Three ®. Refreshing and Energizing. And only 50 calories!

“Wow! What is this incredible beverage?”


“It’s delicious! Now I finally have the energy to face the day!”

“Thanks P-Rade!”

PUID (n.): Pronounced “pweed,” a vulgar colloquialism for a Princeton student.

Precept (prep.): Slang for the word “except.”

Everyone was invited to Tammy’s cotillion, precept for Rhonda because Rhonda made out with Tammy’s biological father, Douglas.

RCA (abbrev.): Abbreviation for Recon Crime Activist, a member of a small band of vigilante superheroes fighting embezzlement in the greater Trenton metropolitan area.

Studio 34 (n.): Music studio located in Butler College famous for producing The Beatle’s Abbey Road and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

Triangle Show, the (n.): An annual exhibition of the latest and greatest in the world of three-sided polygons, presented by both professional and amateur Trianglateurs. One of the most popular events of the year.

Wa, the (n.): Abbreviation for The Water Authority, a family-owned boutique selling snorkels, floaties, and other aquatic sundries at affordable prices. Located next to the U-Store on Nassau Street.

Woody Woo (n.): Nickname of esteemed professor Woodford Woo, Princeton’s first deaf recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Zee group (n.): Anglicized version of Ze Grüp, a club celebrating German language, food, and culture.

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