Suburban Teenager Lives Sustainably by Purchasing Reuseable Coffee Mug


After reading an article on the detrimental effects of pollution on South American rainforests, Stacy Clark, 19, was inspired to reduce her carbon footprint and purchased a reusable coffee mug from Starbucks.

“When I drink my grande skinny mocha caramel swirl Frappuccino in my new mug, I can feel good about helping those poor koalas in Bolivia,” Clark explained.

She noted that each purchase reduces the country’s annual plastic use by 0.00002%. Clark’s mug allows her to enjoy her coffee, which is cultivated on former forestlands and transported on diesel-burning airplanes or cargo ships, in a sustainable fashion.

Clark, however, admitted that she occasionally struggles to live in an environmentally friendly manner.

“At night I usually just leave my electronics plugged in. I don’t want them to die on me the next day!” Clark said, throwing her plastic water bottle in the trash.

Clark also mentioned that she reduced her 45-minute showers to 40 minutes and hopes to eventually bring that number closer to half an hour.

Upon leaving the interview, Clark stated that she was going to buy a reusable grocery bag at Whole Foods. She was seen leaving in a Chevrolet Suburban sporting a bumper sticker that reads “I recycle.”

– TIR ’17

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