Green Eggs and Daaaaaamn

Illustrated by RLR ’16

I do not like Green Eggs, but damn,
I like what I see!
They call me the Lorax,
Will you speak to my tree?

You have what I want
And I have what you Thneed,
So let’s hit the dance floor,
Come! Follow my lead!

Your moves are on fire,
You really know how to work it,
I like a girl who’s freaky,
Like the Circus McGurkus.

You really got me going,
By the way that you dance,
There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!
What do you have in your pants?

I think this party’s dying,
We should get on our way,
Like the Grinch stealing Christmas,
Something grew three sizes today.

My roommate is sleeping,
But I bang with 3 knocks,
Get out! I shout with vigor,
I’ve got a Fox in the Box!

Oh! The Places you’ll Go!
I’ll rock your world, wait and see!
You’ll be knocked back into Whoville,
By the time you’re done with me.

Mr. Brown can moo,
Show me what you can do,
Take out your Thing 1,
And insert my Thing 2.

One base, two base, third base, home base!
Slow pace, fast pace, this place, that place!

WHOA! What happened last night?
What on earth did I do?
Is someone else in this bed?
Wait ‘til Horton hears about you!

– EJK ’17

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