Eight Signs You Went to Princeton But Have Total Retrograde Amnesia

1.     You ALWAYS tell people you went to “a small liberal arts school in New Jersey” because that’s all you’ve been able to piece together of the life you had before.

sherlock (1)

2.     You would NEVER dream of walking out through the middle of FitzRandolph Gate before Graduation because you have no idea it exists.

jfs (2)

3.     When someone from another school says “TA” instead of “preceptor,” you don’t have ANY idea what either of those things is.

MmnIjQa (3)

4.     When someone asks where you bickered you’re just like, “Um, what?”

wtfih (4)

5.     You have a TON of orange and black stuff, though unfortunately none of it contains ANY personal information that may be useful in uncovering your true identity.

1_gif (5)

6.     You go back to Reunions EVERY year, hoping that someone or something you see there might help bring your memory back.

mcfly-huh (6)

7.     Your reaction when someone mentions Dean’s Date:

apathy (7)

8.     You don’t even TRY to explain the difference between eating clubs and fraternities to your friends, as you actually need someone to explain these concepts to you and, frankly, they are the least of your concerns.

louie (8)

-SBW ’15

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