Arts & Transit & DRUGS Neighborhood??


The University claims that construction on the southwest side of campus is for a new “Arts & Transit Neighborhood,” to be completed by 2017. But by every indication of the current construction project, the neighborhood will also be used for drugs.

The Arts & Transit Neighborhood started with the demolition of several blocks of vacant houses. What do people do in vacant houses? DRUGS

Right in the middle of the Arts and Transit Neighborhood is the Wawa. Wawa is known for its late hours and wide variety of light sandwiches and snack foods, like chips. Who gets cravings for munchies at ridiculous hours of the night?  POTHEADS

The new Arts & Transit Neighborhood has featured much trench and tunnel digging, accompanied by a considerable amount of fence. WHO NEEDS TUNNELS UNDER FENCES?  MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS

Construction forces Forbes students to walk through the woods to get to campus. What do people do in the woods? BUY AND SELL ILLEGAL DRUGS.

The project aims to “create a lively and attractive gateway…”. What is a gateway drug to crack cocaine? MARIJUANA.

The neighborhood will feature a train station for “Dinky.” According to Wikipedia, “DINKY” is an acronym for “Dual Income, No Kids Yet,” an obvious reference to DRUG DEALER couples who must GET THEIR LIFE TOGETHER before having kids.

The construction project for the Arts and Transit Neighborhood features a sign that says “Annex <–.”  What’s the easiest way to get “an ex”? DEVELOPING A DRUG ADDICTION will make most lovers leave in a heartbeat.

Alexander Road had to be detoured for the construction. What can cause a life to take a detour? DRUGS.

A suspicious light can be seen on the upper floor of the empty old train station. What do people do in empty old train stations? DRUGS. What do you need to do drugs? LIGHT.

Several theaters are planned for the neighborhood. What do performing artists do? DRUGS.

The number to call for more information about the project is 1-609-258-8023. 609 – 258 + 80 + 2 – 13 = 420

The Arts & Transit Neighborhood is near Forbes College. What do people do in Forbes College? DRUGS.

–MFG ’14

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