Secret Listservs

Laptop-StickersListServs tell us everything we need to know about food we won’t eat, events we won’t attend, and clubs we won’t participate in. They’re deeply rooted in Princeton’s history: James McCosh’s invention of the carrier pigeon gave students the chance to redistribute delicious ethnic cuisine, and find the waistcoats they thought they’d never see again.

A recent archaeological expedition uncovered evidence of dozens of hidden mailing lists that sprang up during the browsing bubble. While the bulk of them were too obscene to publish, here are a few ListServs you probably know nothing about.

Casual Meth Enthusiasts (35 subscribers)
For Princeton students who occasionally use methamphetamines.

Bicker Appreciation Club (58 subscribers)
Students discuss the joys of bicker.

Turtle Exchange (5 subscribers)
For students unsatisfied with their turtles. WTE-regulated tortoises permitted.

Free Meat (91 subscribers)
A list of free meats around campus.

Iowa (206 subscribers)
For those fascinated with the rich history and culture of the state of Iowa.

Sexual Fetishist Board Gamers (23 subscribers)
If you enjoy classic board games and have a non-mainstream set of sexual preferences that society just hasn’t accepted yet, you’re probably already on this list. If you only fit one of those, it’s still a fun way to spend a Tuesday night. Nudity allowed upon request. This week’s bulletin: Last week’s Feet Monopoly was such a success, we regret letting only 3 players pick the shoe. Reminder: Bondage Boggle, 2:45 tonight. Dates mandatory. See you soon!

Existentialism Club (2 subscribers)
The only true beacon of sanity in an otherwise hopeless inbox.

Critics of Pablo Neruda (19 subscribers)
For disparaging the works of Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda. Fuck him.

EPSILON_STAGE_3 (321 subscribers)
?????? ňÂÒˆØ∏??? ? ? RUGG ED†
?????? ňÂÒˆØ∏??? ? ? RUGG ED†

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