Nassau Hall is Not a Dungeon


Occasionally through the course of your years at Princeton, you will see friends come and go, disappearing to reappear a year, two years, later. This is because they are simply “taking time off” to enrich their Princeton career with valuable service, learning, or work experiences to help them get more out of their experience when they return. They are not placed in the depths of the Nassau Hall dungeon for punishment of various offenses. Nassau Hall is not a dungeon.

People often remark that Nassau Hall is suspiciously protected and abnormally difficult to get into, and that regular students are not usually admitted in. This is because of important administrative work, not because Nassau Hall is a dungeon for students. If you get inside Nassau Hall and are reprimanded for being in the wrong place, this is for your own good. We want to make sure you are not lost and won’t be late for a commitment in another location. We are not protecting Nassau Hall’s true purpose as a prison.

– MFG ’14. Illustrated by JJW ’16.

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