Love Is…

  • Love is a Battlefield episode, specifically “Scandinavia: The Forgotten Front,” that you watched in precept with her.
  • Love is not having to say “you’re sorry” because she kept the pencil you lent her.
  • Love is imagining her as the subject of EVERY song. Even Yakety Sax.
  • Love is hoping that when you see her texting someone, she’s texting you.
  • Love is thinking that she texted you when 2 spambots followed you on Twitter in rapid succession.
  • Love is compulsively checking your email, in case she sent you an email instead.
  • Love is passionately kissing her on the neck, only to wake up making out with your pillow. It will never call back.
  • Love is when your Google search history includes “What is Love” and “What is Love Actually, not the Haddaway song” and then “What is Love, Actually, but not the film Love, Actually or the Haddaway song,” then giving up and watching the film while listening to the song.

– AJS ’15

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