Writing Seminar in One Quiz

Basic Vocabulary, Ethics, and Linguistics Quiz

Directions: Complete the following questions to the best of your ability. Multiple-choice problems have only one answer. Please clearly indicate your answer. Respond to open-ended questions in the blank provided.

  1. A noun is:
    A) A person, place, or thing
    B) A descriptive word
    C) An action
  2. Citations are only required for direct quotations.
    A) True
    B) False
  3. A correct example of Chicago citing is:
    A) Jennifer L. Maggs, Lela R. Williams, and Christine M. Lee, “Ups and downs of alcohol use among first-year college students: Number of drinks, heavy drinking, and stumble and pass out drinking days,” Addictive Behaviors 36, no. 3 (2011): 197-202.
    B) Norma Nguyen, Scott T. Walters, Todd M. Wyatt, and William DeJong, “Use and correlates of protective drinking behaviors during the transition to college: Analysis of a national sample,” Addictive Behaviors 36, no. 10: 1012-1014, 2011.
    C) Ibid.
  4. The phrase “digging deep” is used to describe:
    A) Mustering courage
    B) Ore extraction techniques
    C) Gynecological examinations
  5. A conversation between three people can be described as either a “dialogue” or “trialogue.”
    A) True
    B) False
  6. The term “matriculation” can be applied to sexual penetration.
    A) True
    B) False
    C) Sometimes
  7. “As awesome as an alligator” is an example of
    A) Alliteration
    B) A simile
    C) An Australian euphemism
  8. Which of these exclamations has the correct A:H ratio?
  9. Which sentence has the least triangles once translated into cuneiform?
    A) Yep, all of it.
    B) You are not the father
  10. Fire. Your mom. Ten strangers. Go.
    A) Mom
    B) Ten strangers
    C) None of the Above
  11. The difference between a stream, brook, and creek is____________________________________________.
  12. The difference between “flammable” and “inflammable” is_________________________________________________.
  13. Quote, identify, and rectify the grammatical error in the chorus of Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen.”__________________________________________________________________
  14. The American sign language equivalent of rhyming is___________________________________________.
  15. The opposite of “phone” is______________________.
  16. The proper term for a fear of sitting is_______________________________.
  17. The Morse Code message being tapped on the front deck since the beginning of the exam is_______________________________________________________________________

That’s it! The quiz is over! Hope it wasn’t too boring. Now sign the honor code so we can move onto the hard stuff.


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