Five Things I Loved About Lincoln

1. I loved how the Gettysburg Address made an appearance in the first two minutes of the movie because I wasn’t it expecting it at all!

2. I loved how Tommy Lee Jones stayed completely within his comfort zone and played a wise-cracking curmudgeonly old man with a secret heart of gold. I enjoy watching actors do things I’ve already seen over and over again. It’s why I go to movies.

3. I loved how John Williams’ score was just an occasional note of hopeful gravitas. It would have been really annoying if he’d done something on par with the scores for Star Wars, Jaws and Harry Potter.

4. I loved every single one of the 42+ scenes in which Daniel Day-Lewis gained someone’s trust using a genuine, humorous, down-home anecdote with subtle significance while the camera pushed in to a close-up with excruciating slowness. Every single time it was exactly the same, but somehow it was still really entertaining—I didn’t get bored or fall asleep at all. Not once. Or twice. Or three times.

5. I loved how long the movie was. I can’t believe some movies cut out scenes that don’t add to the film or further the plot. I hate that. When I go to the movies, I like to watch every single scene that was shot. It’s what I want to do. It’s how I want to spend my entire night.

– NO ’15

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