5 Car Ride Games for the Ivy Leaguer

If you are driving or riding home for Winter Break and want a fun activity to pass the time, but have outgrown the childish and non-elitist car-ride games of your youth, don’t fret! The Princeton Tiger is here to help you with these Ivy League-adapted versions of classic childhood car-ride games.

1. I’m going to a party…

Adapted from the classic “I’m going to a party and I’m bringing [something]” game, where each player must list all the previous items and add their own, until someone forgets. In this version, however, the items are replaced by people or groups of people. Add a twist by allowing “+1”s (up to “+10”s), which allow subsequent players to add to previous suggestions after the fact (although the person who started the game can later remove the additions when it’s their turn). For further difficulty, use negative statements, like “I’m having a party and I’m not bringing Kappas.”

Person 1: “I’m having a party, and I’m bringing buses of Rutgers girls.”

Person 2: “I’m having a party, and I’m bringing buses of Rutgers girls and like 8 wrestling guys.”

Person 3: I’m having a party, and I’m bringing buses of Rutgers girls, like 8 wrestling guys, and 25% of one of the best clubs on the street.”

2. Travel Bingo

Make a homemade bingo board, with the game spaces filled with items to be seen from the car. Examples include “hobos” and “cars without hired drivers” and “billboards for companies you own.”

3. List Things For The Help To Do

Less of a game and more of a practical activity. Spend time making a list of things for the help to do when you return home.

4. Laugh At Commoners

As you pass poor people along the road, laugh at them.

5. I’m Thinking of Something…

First person thinks of an object, and everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions about it.

Person 1: “I’m thinking of a place.”

Person 2: “Did it have the lowest acceptance rate for girls last year?”

Person 1: “No.”

Person 2: “I give up.”

– MFG ’14

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