Nate Silver Predicts Butler Will Be Swing College In USG Election

PRINCETON, NJ — Political analyst Nate Silver, known for his highly accurate predictions in the recent presidential election, has weighed in on this week’s USG election, declaring that the candidate who wins Butler will win the presidency.

“Shawon Jackson has always had strong support in Mathey, his home college, and recent polls indicate much of that will carry over into Rocky, since many residents can’t tell the difference,” Silver said. “However, Benedict Wagstaff will run away with the Ivy and Cottage votes, since he’s on the equestrian team and, I mean, look at his last name. It’s like a more pretentious version of Shakespeare.”

Though both candidates are likely to win in certain areas, Silver said that Butler is still “too close to call.” Citing its unique blend of starry-eyed freshman enjoying their air conditioning and antisocial upperclassman single-dwellers in Bloomberg, he told Tiger Magazine that Butler’s demographic diversity made it a toss-up. It is difficult for a candidate to gain true appeal there.

“A candidate can win Wilsonites over by promising them nice things, like water fountains or a less prison-y atmosphere,” Silver said. “But they already have that in Butler. There’s not much to offer them.”

Jackson and Wagstaff are currently in a dead heat in opinion polls. Wagstaff, current USG Social Chair, started out with an advantage, but his approval rating took a hit after an exposé in The Daily Princetonian revealed that he was responsible for bringing Third Eye Blind to Lawnparties.

Recently, demands that Wagstaff disclose his birth certificate confirmed that he is from the UK, which sources inside The Woodrow Wilson School have confirmed is not the same as the US.

Despite some students’ opposition to having a foreign president, Silver said this revelation may work to Wagstaff’s advantage.

“He’ll have the international student vote locked in,” Silver said. “Plus, he is British, and so is James Bond. James Bond is big right now. That can’t hurt.”

Also on the agenda in this election are several ballot issues which could bring about big changes on campus. Following in the footsteps of Puerto Rico, which recently voted in favor of becoming a state, Spelman will vote this week on whether to become a full-fledged residential college or to remain a dependent territory of Whitman.

Similarly, Terrace will vote on a landmark ballot issue which, if passed, would legalize the use of marijuana inside the club.

– SBW ’15

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