How To Identify a Means of Egress

In the event that you are unable to identify a means of egress in your residential quarters, consult this guide in order to ascertain its location.

1. Observe: If you are in your residential quarters but are suddenly unable to recognize a means of egress due to illegal affixation of objects to said means of egress, please execute the following protocol.

a. Get to an area of elevation for maximum visibility. A bunk bed is optimal, but standing on the surface of your desk, chair, or table can also help gain a vantage point.

b. Remain stationary. Do not panic. While remaining stationary, swivel your head and eyes around the room in the following manner to scan for a potential means of egress.

i. To obtain the maximum possible field of observation, ensure that your head is swiveling at a rapid and consistent speed.

ii. Do not close your eyes. This will impede your observational abilities.

c. If the previous step is unsuccessful, continue to remain stationary. The best course of action is to wait things out.

d. Wait for anyone to enter or egress your residential quarters. Look carefully for their means of egress.

e. If no one enters or egresses from your residential quarters, proceed to step 2.


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