EXCLUSIVE: A Sneak Peek at Zynga’s Next App

TigerMag has been able to get an exclusive look at the next big project out of app giant Zynga, the makers of hit games such as Words With Friends, Scramble With Friends, and Hanging With Friends.  While they’ve been grabbing headlines recently for their purchase of “Draw Something” from fellow game creators and copyright-dodgers OMGPOP, Zynga is finally ready to reveal what CEO Mark Pincus is calling “our best app yet.” The new game, entitled “Drinking With Friends,” has been heralded as “the next big step forward in social gaming” and follows Zynga’s pattern of creating mobile social experiences out of popular games and activities (such as chess, poker, and hanging).

"DWF" will integrate many of the social and graphic features that have made past Zynga creations so successful.

“Drinking with Friends is going to revolutionize how we approach binge drinking,” explained Pincus.  “Now, you can drink with your friends anywhere, any time- be it at the bar, a house party, or even alone in your room!”  Pincus added that the app will be fully integrated with social networking sites like Facebook, allowing users to quickly and easily update their friends on what they’ve been drinking and with whom.  “Like all our products, what sets Drinking with Friends apart is the ease with which you can connect with your friends.  Want to ice a bro?  Just send them a ‘DWF’ challenge and you’re done!  Then they can drink, and you can check back in whenever you like to see just how intoxicated they’ve gotten.”

Revenue for the new game will be driven by both an ad-supported free version and an in-game currency system, similar to games like Scramble With Friends

Beyond the impressive social networking features of the new game, Pincus also wanted to stress his belief the game would  help connect strangers.  Users may elect to “drink with a random barmate,” randomly pairing them with another user currently looking for a drinking buddy.  “In short,” concluded Pincus, “it’s never been easier to find an excuse to drink.”

Drinking With Friends is expected to be released later this month for iOS, with plans to expand to Android soon after. Be sure to check back for the latest news!

-TDM ’14

Illustrations CSO ’15 and KGR ’15

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