Photo Contest

“Yeah man, the universe is like so ginormous that when you take a second think about it… we’re like all claustrophobic,” famed photographer David Hockney once said when asked about his ground-breaking work in the genre of claustrophotography. Unfortunately, this small but brilliant category of photography is often pushed aside or ignored entirely by the art world, and for this reason Kodak presents their annual “If Modern Art is Art, Then This is Art Too” Photo Contest. Prepare to be taken behind the lenses (and sometimes lens caps) of the best Claustrophotographic artists in the field today.









The Inside of a Hat” by Gatsby Fedora









“The Pen Behind the Dresser” by Monsieur Mont Blanc



Closed Book” by Paige



“Digestion” by Ben Zyme


FIRST PLACE (and winner of two Spinelli’s Pizzas):








Child Trapped in a Well”


By MG‘15

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