Law & Order: SUV Not Renewed for Third Season Due to Lack of Puns

NBC has announced that it will not renew its cop-automobile-drama Law and Order: SUV for a third season.

“We simply ran out of creative juices. Frankly, we ran out of SUV models. The new models that keep coming out aren’t very conducive to crime story puns. We might bring it back in a few years after the auto market has a chance to catch up, but we accomplished all we wanted to with the show for now and felt it was time to call it quits.”

The show initially received solid ratings and critical acclaim. It’s pilot—“Honda Pilot”, created a buzz in Hollywood and inspired reviews such as Roger Ebert’s:

“It’s entertaining, but it’s just the same as other shows with a forced emphasis on the vehicles that criminals drive. I don’t know who thought this show had to happen”

The Boston Globe said of the show, “I don’t get it. It’s the same as all the other cop shows but all the crimes involve Sport Utilities. It’s dumb.”

The second season suffered a hit in ratings and received criticism for a lack of creativity, but still limped to a complete 8-episode season. The show leaves behind a memorable 16-episode catalogue.


Season 1:

Pilot: Honda Pilot

Episode 2: Yukon’t Get Away

Episode 3: XTerrarizer

Episode 4: Jeep Wrangler Strangler

Episode 5:  Rav:4, Death:5

Episode 6: CR-V for Vendetta

Episode 7: Escalade Excapades

Episode 8: Range Reaper


Season 2:

Episode 9: Tribeca Trifecta

Episode 10: Chevy Suburban Stalker

Episode 11: Rendezvous at the Edge

Episode 12: Death in a Durango

Episode 13: Chevy Equinocked Out

Episode 14: GMC Saga, Pt. II  — Yukon’t Handle the Truth

Episode 15: GMC Sage Pt. III — Yukon Run, But Yukon’t Hide

Episode 16: Ta,Ta, hoe


Matt Gwin ’14

Illustration Dongwoo Chung  ’14

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