What Your Location in Lecture Says About You

The Professor

Location: Stands at the very front of the room. He is also the only person standing in the class, to emphasize his position as the supreme ruler of that room.

Secret thoughts during class: “Man, I really hope that this babysitting job will be over soon. I need to get back on my Nobel-prize winning research.”

The Over-Achiever

Location: Sits at the very front of the class, to minimize the distance between the professor and himself. Answers every question the professor asks and asks random questions the over-achiever already knows just to show “class participation”.

Secret thoughts during class: “Hopefully, the professor can see how hard I’m taking notes and how fascinated I am by algae reproduction and just give me an A already!”

The Shy Over-Achiever

Location: Sits behind the over-achiever. The shy over-achiever is a bit timid to answer the professor’s questions but is still attentive and hopes for a good grade.

Secret thoughts during class: “Damn the over-achievers in front of me for showing off so much in front of the professor. If only I had the confidence…”

The Preceptor/Grader

Location: Sits somewhere in the middle of the class. Blends in well with the other students.

Secret thoughts during class: “I know everything in this class, but I’m only here because the professor wanted me here. I can’t wait for this class to end and get back to watching ‘How I met your mother’.”

The Tardy

Location: Sits at the aisle seats. Because this student is late to class and wishes to minimize his exposure to the class and professor, he sits at the first seat he sees, which usually happens to be aisle seats.

Secret thoughts during class: “I’m only here because I have to hand in the homework in class. I’m twenty minutes late and there are still half an hour left? I should have arrived later.”

The Sleeper

Location: Sits at near the very back where the lighting is dim and the professor cannot see the student very well.

Secret thoughts during class: “zzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

The Gamer

Location: Sits all the way at the very back, since the professor cannot see him and the back row is commonly the only place in the class with plug-ins.

Secret thoughts during class: “i pwn u n00b, LMAO”

-YC ’15

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