Breaking News – TigerMag Uncovers Network Of Presidential Blogs

With well-known celebrities, politicians, and activists utilizing social media to communicate with their fans and supporters, it was only a matter of time before University officials similarly adopted such measures.  As TigerMag’s newly-formed investigative journalism branch has discovered, that time is now.

“At first, we thought it was an isolated incident,” said Richard McSmithy, head of the Tiger’s special operations division and director of clandestine affairs.  “But as we dug deeper, we found not one, but several University presidents were keeping up blogs detailing the challenges they face balancing running a university with carrying on normal lives.”

The Princeton Tiger is pleased to deliver the results of our research so far, and vows to continue investigating.  Expect more results to follow.

Columbia University: Lee Bollinger

Georgetown University: John Degioia

Stanford University: John L. Hennessy

Wellesley: Kim Bottomly

Yale University: Richard C. Levin

UC Berkeley: Robert Birgeneau

MIT: Susan Hockfield



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