The Greatest Movies Never Made

Harry & Kumar Go to White Castle
After smoking some gillyweed, Harry Potter and Kumar Patel get the munchies for some delicious White Castle burgers. Will they apparate to White Castle or will Harry just accio the burgers? Hilarity ensues.

When Whitford’s Cleaning receives an impending foreclosure notice from the bank, owner Jeanette Whitford (Sandra Bullock) tries to stay afloat by doing laundry for the Ku Klux Klan.

The Twelve Diatribes Against Israel
Guess who Mel Gibson’s after this time in his latest action thriller? Hint: It’s the Jews.

Martin Luther Queen
Big Momma’s house meets Malcolm X in this hilarious comedy about the civil rights movement. Starring Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Tyler Perry as obnoxiously fat women.

All My Bitches Love Me
Serving time for animal abuse, Jerome Austin seeks redemption as he learns to Dougie. Based on a true story.

George W. Bush: Just a Mustache Away From Hitler?
Director Michael Moore compares the most evil person to ever lead a country and Adolf Hitler in this hard-hitting documentary.

–MES ’14

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