Presenting: 10 Scurrilous Rumors!

Ann Coulter is afraid of hats, and because of this has never worn one.

James Franco once befriended a middle-aged con man drifter from Kansas City with a heart as gold as two of his front teeth. Franco personally baptized the man and then, with his trusty cudgel, beat him to death on the steps of the cathedral. Then he went to that day’s shooting of Spiderman 2.

Kristen Stewart doesn’t really like her family.

Bruce Springsteen lost a game of poker to one of his oldest friends. Later in the night, after everyone was high, he falsely accused his friend of being less than honest during the game.

Alicia Keys is an accredited tutor in the subjects of Algebra and History of Bosnia.

Eli Manning has a name for his penis and it is Father Teresa.

Joe Biden began his political career as a judge but was forced to step down after he controversially fined General Mills for promoting homosexuality through their cereal mascots.

Tina Fey has yet to face her own mortality.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born Josh Hurwitz in a humble Bronx tenement.

Ben Stiller sometimes pretends he is blind when he shops for clothes so that he doesn’t feel weird asking employees if they think things look good on him.

-Alex Moss

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