Annual Heart Transplant Competition

The Princeton Tiger is now accepting applications for its annual heart transplant competition!

We invite children ages 4-12 to submit their applications by April 1st, 2011.

Applications will be judged based on

  • Desire to live: based on the quality of the essay
  • Worthiness to live: based on test scores and recommendation letters
  • Cuteness: based on submitted photographs
  • Eagerness: based on how much our applicants go above and beyond the call of duty in submitting the mandatory open-ended Application Fee.

There will be 4 finalists and an award ceremony dinner where the winner is revealed! The winner will not only receive the heart to be transplanted, but also the 3 additional hearts that the Tiger has acquired as back-ups, you know just in case something happens to the first one.

Finalists who do not win will receive the following I HEART The Princeton Tiger T-shirt:

Non-winners will also receive big pats on the back from the staff of the Princeton Tiger (not too hard of course) and the knowledge that they too have won the hearts of the Princeton Tiger staff (figuratively of course, because only the winner gets the literal heart).

– BE

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