Ralph Nader ‘55 to Run for Freshman Class President


Perennial candidate Ralph Nader has reportedly just filed paperwork to run for freshman class president. “Normally when I run for president, I just get about 1% of the vote,” said Nader, “But there’s so many people running, 1% might be enough.”

With his announcement, this becomes Nader’s ninth run for the Presidency, including five times for President of the United States, twice for Tajikistan, and once for South Korea (Ten times if you include his bid for Pope). This also marks the first time that an alumnus has returned to Princeton to seek undergraduate office.

Although you may be catching Nader Fever (or it may be the flu, either way you should definitely go to McCosh and check that out), you won’t see any of his posters around campus. Sticking to his Green Party’s ideology, Nader has pledged not to use any paper in order to help save the environment.

Said Nader, “I’ve decided to run because I care deeply about this school, I really want to be President of something, and I heard that it would help me get into a bicker club.”

-Matthew Solis ‘14

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