Howie Mandel and I Make Progress on the Sale of His House

Howie Mandel: I really appreciate just the two of us meeting like this.

Alex Moss: Absolutely. No agents. No lawyers. No other broad professions I assume are associated with house-selling because I am 19 years old.

HM: Contractors.

AM: Contractors, obviously. Landscapers. What did you need to talk about?

HM: Well your last offer I felt was a very fair one. I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t reneged on it.

AM: See, here’s the thing. That might be my final offer. But just for the sake of clarity, I would need you to ask me point blank.

HM: Just ask?

AM: Just ask.

HM: All right – will you buy this house at the aforementioned price?

AM: Maybe. Ask me another way. Ask me if you think, in my opinion, if this sale is going to go through or not.

HM: Don’t be difficult. Just tell me if we have a deal or not.

AM: I don’t know. You tell me. Do we

HM: Oh.

AM: Have a

HM: Oh.

AM: Deal, or don’t we?

HM: So you have no legitimate interest in buying the house then?

AM: No, I do not.

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