The Answer

Human civilization is on the brink of collapse. Consider the innumerable problems of the modern world: War. Famine. Poverty. The continued popularity of the Black Eyed Peas.

All of these problems have a single, elegant solution.

That solution is the mass cloning and release of saber-toothed tigers.

Some reactionaries might claim that this progressive measure is “inhuman”, “idiotic”, and “mind bogglingly cruel”. I encourage these critics to put aside their self-righteousness, and look at the facts. Nine out of ten fictitious experts agree that a return to the natural struggle of man versus tiger would lead to a higher of quality of life (for the survivors). Further hesitation to release scores of saber-toothed tigers in all major cities would simply be the height of selfishness.

Sometimes, mad science is the best kind of science. Consider the impact of saber-tooth cloning on all the following:


Maybe it will let you live if your hair angsts hard enough.
Maybe it will let you live if your hair angsts hard enough.

Unemployment rates would drop faster than tears at a Robert Pattinson-Orlando Bloom civil union ceremony.   Not only would old positions be opened up by natural selection, but an entirely new industry of tiger-hunters would be created by free-market demand (to live).

The entertainment industry wouldn’t hesitate for a nanosecond to exploit the situation for profit. Most reality TV programming already cheapens human dignity, so why not human life as well? Who needs “America’s Funniest Home Videos” when you have “America’s Funniest Maulings”? The opportunity is too great to ignore.  First episode?  Bob Saget gets hit in the balls.  By a saber-tooth tiger.


Roving packs of prehistoric predators would force the governments of the world to reprioritize, to put things mildly. It’s difficult to maintain an intifada with eight-inch fangs tearing at your throat. The war on terror would swiftly be overshadowed by the war on nature, and we’d be better off for it.  Think about it: we could give weapons to Afghanis fighting the Unstoppably Savage Saber-tooth Rabble (U.S.S.R.), and then when they’re defeated… oh.  Erm.  Scratch that plan.


Freely rampaging predators are the magic bullet we’ve awaited for solving the global food shortage. In the past, we’ve futilely attempted to adjust the food supply to meet the population. Now, we have a chance to adjust the population to meet the food supply.  Malthus would be proud.


The obesity epidemic would become a thing of the past. While some of the more extreme cases would provide the Eocene Garfield’s dinner, the majority of citizens would find desperately fleeing packs of bloodthirsty predators to be an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise. In addition, desperately grasping the jaws of the beast to prevent them from closing around one’s throat would provide a form of high-pressure strength training that the modern personal trainer can only dream of.

Our fanged friends wouldn’t only improve our physical fitness, but our mental alacrity as well. Let’s face the truth: despite the best efforts of our educational system, a large portion of our population lacks the common sense necessary to outwit a dung beetle. The saber-tooth program would change this. Intelligence is the only advantage man has against a four-hundred pound mass of fur, claws, and rage.  It’s time to thin the herd.

The mental benefits don’t end at culling idiocy — suicide rates would plummet as well. Constant fear of being ripped to shreds serves as a fine reminder of just how much one wants to live.

The Black Eyed Peas

If hulking prehistoric jungle cats can’t end this musical plague, nothing can.

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