OIT Unveils Matchmaking Service, Tentatively Titled “SCORE”

OITIt was an exciting moment on February 14th 2007 that saw “Someone Has a Crush on You” in inboxes all over campus — and it was just the beginning. In light of its recent success, OIT, which pioneered the development of Crushmaster is unveiling a new web based program aimed at facilitating romantic liaisons on campus, tentatively titled SCORE. “The principle behind Score is a remarkably simple one,” elaborated one anonymous OIT technician, “Students will have an opportunity to solicit others they find attractive via a schedule based format.” A user need only type in a target’s net ID to negotiate a potential hookup, or can search a SCORE database employing relevant keywords. Individual students will also be able to access a comments page to rate fellow SCORE users. Though preliminary tests of the program have been promising, it has had already shown potential difficulties: “The slots for freshman girls didn’t stay open too long, I’m not sure what we can do about that.”

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