Carl A. Fields Center Unveils Plans

CarlFieldsThough many students may already have heard the news that the Carl A. Fields Center will be taking up residence directly on Prospect Avenue next year, many will surely be taken by surprise upon hearing their latest announcement.

The Carl A. Fields Center, formerly the Third World Center, will soon leave Liberation Hall and take up the building formerly known as Elm, a venerated club of years past. And in recognition of Elm’s rich history, the club’s newest occupants have revealed that they will be upholding the bicker tradition established by Elm so long ago.

Next spring, the Fields Center will open for its first ever bicker season, allowing students of all backgrounds to visit the new facility and embrace the spirit of diversity that the Carl A. Fields represents. The Center will then select the best 60 of those students to become members, with the remaining, “hosed” students given the option to join any of Princeton’s various sign-in clubs. (“Or,” one representative confided in us, “more likely they’ll join 2D.”)

We spoke to one freshman who hopes to bicker the new Fields Center next year, in order to get his impression of the changes. “I really think I have a chance. I have a lot of affiliations, and I’m really diverse. Really diverse — like gay Inuit diverse. It’s so nice to have a club that won’t pick its members so superficially.”

Of course, some students have accused the Fields Center of being elitist. However, administrators point to the system of passes commonly employed by other eating clubs. “Other students can still come in if they have a pass, it’s not like we’re closing our doors. We’re just making sure that each of our members is diverse enough. Really diverse — like bi-sexual Lakota-Sioux diverse. One could call it a system of quotas, or a quota system. Take your pick.”

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